choosing the right answering service is difficult. let us make it easy for you.

Why Does MY Business Need an Answering Service?

Begin by asking yourself one important question: “Do I want my business to continue working for me after I leave for the day?”

That’s where we come in. Having a highly trained, award-winning staff answer your phone calls after hours and care for your clients the way you’d like them treated, is one of the many benefits a quality answering service can offer.

Whether you want your routine messages handled professionally by a live agent instead of a voice recording or you need medical emergencies dispatched immediately for your medical practice, an answering service will accommodate your business.

With the thorough training our agents receive, they are prepared for any of our clients’ needs. Sometimes even the simplest thing, like hearing a professional, live voice listen to your clients’ concerns and assuring them of a return call will be enough to put their minds at ease.

Initial calls can cost businesses thousands of dollars; wouldn’t you rather have us make a good impression on your clients before you even get a chance to return their call?

Lastly, if security is your main concern, our answering service’s calls are all documented and recorded for both your clients’ protection and yours. All information is kept confidential.

Can I Afford an Answering Service?

We have affordable, cost effective rate plans to suit all of our clients’ needs. The most accurate way of answering your question is by discussing your requirements privately instead of just offering you a list of rates and fees. We will make sure that you are paying for exactly what services your business requires and never a dollar more.

At Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc. we believe in eliminating as much stress from your life as possible and our promise is to save you as much money as we can. If you are already using an answering service, we will conduct a free Invoice Analysis to determine if you are paying too much. If you are an existing client, we
will perform this in-depth analysis every month to make sure your rates compliment your needs fairly.

Aren’t ALL Answering Services the Same?

One of the largest misconceptions in the teleservices industry is that all answering services are the same. As with any business, different answering services have their own methods of training, professionalism, and quality care when it comes to servicing their clients and their callers.

Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc.’s core philosophy is to always operate under a Client First and Friendly Neighbor mentality. We hold our clients’ calls in the highest regard and ensure that our staff is rigorously trained to deliver nothing but excellence at every turn. 

So what makes us different? We don’t just answer your phones, we help retain your client base and drive referrals; and we don’t just offer a friendly voice, but do our very best to improve your overall operations and help your business succeed. 

That’s our promise, and that’s why we’re not the same.

Do I Need An Answering Service?

Ask yourself these few questions:

  • Does my phone ring off the hook without enough staff to answer all our calls?
  • Am I losing opportunities or existing patients/clients due to long hold times, always having to leave voice messages and/or never being able to reach an office staff member due to the high volume of calls?
  • Do I have after-hours calls forwarded to my personal telephone numbers, and those of my on call staff?
  • Am I spread thin during and after business hours from the high volume of calls?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then it’s time to consult with us regarding answering service solutions.

We don’t just answer phones after-hours, but offer overflow call assistance during business hours as well. That means that if your staff members are tied up and unable to answer a call in time, the call will automatically cross over to one of our agents who will offer your caller a friendly voice and take a professional message. This way you never miss an opportunity.

When Can We Use Your Services?
Anytime. You can utilize our answering services as much or as little as you see fit. Whether you need assistance during your weekly staff meeting, your office is closed due to inclement weather or you are done for the day - forward your calls and we will gladly take it from there!
You Mentioned Free Invoice Comparisons?
Yes. If you are interested in our service or simply would like us to make sure you are not being taken advantage of, we will gladly analyze your past invoices and give you our findings free of charge. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years so if something doesn’t seem right we will be sure to tell you.
Why Do You Charge Per Minute Instead Of Per Call?

This structure means that you pay for the amount we spend in your account as opposed to charging you for everything including dropped calls, solicitors and wrong numbers.

We charge in 6 second increments which means that if we are on the phone for 6 seconds- you are only
charged for the equivalent of 6 seconds not a whole minute like cell phone carriers charge customers. This way, if you get a number of solicitations in a night, for example, those calls will be quick and you will only be charged a fraction of what you normally would if we charged per call.

Another very important thing to consider is that when one of our agents patches a caller to an on call provider we stop the clock after disconnecting. This is important to consider because many answering services will continue to charge you after their agents have disconnected from the call. So they’re essentially charging you for doing nothing.

How Long Does It Take To Program My Account Before Going Live?
Not long at all. For many clients, we can have you up and running the same day. However, we do request a 48-hour window to efficiently program your account with everything you require our award-winning agents to know before taking your calls.
Can You Accommodate Multiple Offices or Locations?
Absolutely! If you decide to bring on multiple offices or locations we will offer each location a recurring, 10% discount off their monthly invoices.
How Do I Know If My Practice Is HIPAA/HITECH-Compliant?

For any organization that is responsible for keeping their PHI/ePHI (Patient Health Information / Electronic Patient Health Information) safe and secure, it is imperative that you evaluate your current business practices to ensure that you are not found non-compliant.

For instance, did you know that standard SMS Text Messaging is NOT compliant? If not, that’s fine but you will need to update your communications protocol. Ask us about our Secure Messaging and Secure Messaging + services that act as standard text messages, but they are encrypted to give you peace of mind while exchanging PHI/ePHI.

We’ve got you covered!

Do We Have To Sign A Contract?
No. It’s as simple as that. You will never be asked to sign a contract with us and if for some reason you decide that our services are no longer required - just tell us and that’s the end of it. No hidden, cancelation, or penalty fees you need to worry about. We’re pretty easy going like that.
How Many Billing Cycles Do You Have?
Twelve. We only bill you once per month. Some answering services will use a 28-day billing cycle which means that you receive 13 bills annually. This means you are paying more than you should be.
If We Have A Problem, Are You Accessible?

Yes. We are always accessible and you will always reach a live agent no matter what time of day.

Do you need to speak to our owner about an account issue during business hours? Great, he’s available!

Do you need to speak with the shift supervisor about something in particular, such as an on call change? No problem, they’re available!

We are always here for you - no matter the situation.

Do I Have Access To Audio Recordings Of My Calls?
Yes. If you take advantage of IntelliSite, our web-based message retrieval program, then you have access to audio recordings of all your calls.
Will My Callers Always Be Greeted By A Live Agent?
Yes. However, we do offer the option to put a voicemail pre-screen announcement in place to filter out routine calls that can wait until the next business day and cut down on your monthly usage. If utilized, your callers can either leave a routine message on a voicemail or be directed to call back during regular business hours. If the call is of an urgent nature, the caller will be prompted to press the appropriate number on their touch tone telephone to be connected to one of our agents immediately.
Do You Outsource Your Calls To International Call Centers?
No. We are based out of West Reading, Pennsylvania and all of our agents are our employees.
I Would Like To Contact Your Current Clients - Do You Provide References?
Yes. They are openly available upon request. If you are interested in receiving a list of references either fill out our online contact form or call (855) 372-5551.
Can I Pay With A Credit Card Or Schedule Automatic Payments?

Yes. We use PayPal which is a world leader in secure, online payment transactions.  It’s safe, secure and easy to use!

Looking to put your answering service invoice payments on auto-pilot?  You can also sign up for our convenient Auto-Pay program.